Monday, January 26, 2015

Getback !

Getback ?
Yeah Its 2015 already . 
2012 , 2013 , 2014 had dissapear and It will never come back.
All the sweets memories , sour memories just let it gone , forget it guys.
We open the new book of 2015 with a full of new intentions.

What is getback <3 here mean? 
Guess what ?! Dont think foolish please ahaks x)
Im not getback in a relationship or what,
Hehe :) Ok its enough.

So on 8 September last year, I decided to further my study in KPJUC .
'Kumpulan Perubatan Johor University College' which is located in Nilai,Negeri Sembilan.
KPJUC here in Nilai is the main college.
At the beginning, I decided to take Diploma Physiotherapy course.
But. . After thinking about couple of days. .
At last, I took foundation in sicence (FIS) course.

Actually today is the first day of sem 2. . 

One of the lectures asked me "why are you doing FIS course?"
So, the first reason I take this course is because of my family. .
All of my siblings took FIS course when they were in IPTA/IPTS once a upon a time.
the second reason is because FIS is a fast track programme.
Fast track to further in any Degree course and faster than Diploma Course.
FIS is just 1years then I can straightly futher my study in Degree Course. .
besides Diploma course it takes 3years then only can further study in Degree course.
The last reason why I am now doing FIS is because FIS here in KPJUC is a Pure Science.
Its include all of basic science subjects such as Biology,Chemistry,Additional Mathematics and Physics. After FIS, I can apply variety of Degree course.

Then the lecturer asked me "what are you doing currently to achieve your dreams?"
So basically, Im in love with business also besides being a student.
Now im determined to be a better student than sem 1. I will work hard.
I will do regularly revision. I will do a lot of tutorials. 
Eventhough I failed, I will never give and surrender to get a flying colours results.
In business, I will be honest to my customer. I decide to be a millionaire once I reached 23 years old. I also decide to buy luxury cars,superbikes and bungalow house once I 23 y/o. Now im just doing small business. I just be a dropshipper. Study and Business are not too far. In business they are some study field and in study there are also business field. Without knowledges, we can easily get cheat by people. Business teach me how to manage my schedule well and its all about planned things.

Lastly,the lecturer asked me "how long will it take for you to make your dreams a reality?"
So, Maybe after I got my degree. About 4 to 6 years.

That is all from me. .

tc all , gn . . <3

Do come and visit again! :)

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