Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hye everyone! Miss me ? Haha just kidding.
 Yeah we meet again.
This time I will write about my goals in life.
So the first goals for sure I want to achieve a good life,
a kind wife , a happy family x) , a good results in examination..
and the upcoming goal I want to score well in my studies Fis programme.
So my immediate goal is I want to achieve a flying colours result in FIS ,
I want to be a good businessman regarding now im doing business in gold investment :)
and I want to feel 'on the top of heaven' Aha!
My middle goal is ... aaa let me think first. . 
hmmm. Oh ! I want to further my study in Degree course and finish it with good result.
So my long goal is I want to work in a good place and I want to get a big salary.
This is because I want to buy a big house and also luxury cars.

That is all from me . Thankyou (:


Do come and visit again! :)

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