Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hye there! I want to share to you all what I learned.
Its all about intelligent ! Yeah intelligent.
There are 8 types of intelligent . You can see it in picture up there .
So, during this topic I was tried a test . 
The purpose of this test is we can recognize which type of intelligent we are.
Finally,the test result is . , MUSICAL ! 
yeah im in a musical intelligent category .
I think it is very accurate because I love songs . I always hear song.
I always singing. I memories a lot of song.
Basically, I also hear song during study . During doing an assignment.
During doing a slide for presentation . Song is my soul .
Its interesting! I do prefer intrumental, jazz and pop songs rather than rock songs.
Sometimes I feel it is easy to memory something by hearing songs.
What I learned I will try to change it to song . Make it a song . 
It is more easier to memory rather than just read .

That is from me . Thank you :)


Do come and visit again! :)

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